My Colorado Springs Property Flipping Excursion

08 Aug 2019 16:28

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I started off on my house selling mission back in 2016 and so far my spouse and are making a respectable living by doing it. We love the outdoors, and Colorado Springs is the ultimate destination to run a business from becasue it supplies lots of entertaining things to do and beautiful tourist attractions to take in such as the incredible Garden of the Gods park with picturesque views of Pikes Peak. Feel free to check back with us occasionally as we will be adding to this blog with pics from our most recent house flipping projects and letting you find out where to get lumber and hardware for cheap in the city limits of Colorado Springs. One of the main aspects that got us into selling condos from the start is our love for the gorgeous city of Colorado Springs together with the State of Colorado on the whole. My wife and I were travelling around the country in our 1996 Fleetwood Storm RV and when we finally hit Colorado Springs we were enormously shocked by the incredible landscapes. We had never seen anything like it in our entire lives so we natually wished to live there and build a lifestyle there. We decided that we would launch a local firm wholesaling real estate so it is precisely what we did at once. I'm a saavy marketing expert so I launched a localized web page targeting the property investing niche and made an effort to drive motivated property owner leads. It was a tremendous triumph and quickly we found ourselves knee deep in business leads and we could hardly catch up quite fast enough. We began flipping properties in Aurora, Colorado and Fountain, Colorado first and then we advanced to other destinations such as Silt, Colorado and Gunnison, CO. Nothing can compare to the amazing occurrences that we've had journeying around HBR Colorado Wordpress and selling properties, and this will definitely remain in our memories throughout our lives.One of the most pleasurable things about flipping residences for enjoyment and income is basically that you are working on your own so there is no boss around. That is also probably the most troubling things about flipping properties for profit because there's nobody in charge to show you what you should or really should not be doing, which can be devastating at times if you don't keep your senses about you. Dealing with building contractors and outsourcing things immediately became the number one predicament that we dealt with as flippers. Roofing companies these days are just so devious and difficult to rely on that it really took a huge toll on our business early on. We attempted to get out from under the spell by using a variety of different roofing contractors, but they all ended up having some kind of issue that slowed up our endeavor and utlimately made us lose cash. Losing cash on a house flipping venture can be extremely irritating because you are dependent upon that capital for your daily salary, so when the unexpected happens it directly has an effect on your personal life on a spectrum that you were possibly not ready for. Managing roofing contractors eventually became less difficult as we discovered how to screen individuals better beforehand, and we became profitlable. Very profitable.Our love for Colorado grew even larger but my wife became homesick so we wound up traveling back to New Jersey for the christmas break while we still had some active fix and flip projects going. This quickly became a huge problem for the organization as I continuously had to fly back out to Colorado and lease vehicles to drive back to the construction project sites to supervise the rehabs. Roofers also began to take advantage of me again because I wasn't there to stop them so they upcharged me on equipment and did sub par work that wasn't adequate when it came time to market the residence. Not to mention that the interest charges from our hard cash mortgage lender began to go through the roof, minimizing our profitability by incredibly big percentages. However, we mysteriously were still able to triumph despite all of these hurdles in our path. I started reading a lot of inspiring content online to keep my head in the game and it truly had a beneficial outcome on the entire situation in the long run. Looking back now, I'm so glad that I watched all of the videos and listened to all of the audiobooks to find out how to transform myself from a negative-minded person to a person who is stuffed with positivity day in and day out.In conclusion, I'm grateful that we experienced all of those trials and difficulties because at the end of the day it's definitely made me a much better person, and I might not be the person that I am right now if I had not experienced those challenges. If you are interested in getting connected with condo wholesaling just know that it's an tremendously perplexing procedure that is not like anything you see on HGTV programming. It's reality and you need to make big decisions that can and will have an effect on your life over the long term. It's still an exceptionally worthwhile profession and adventure, don't misunderstand me. It's just very troublesome at times when you have obstacles coming at you from every direction and it seems like all optimism is lost. That's why being an entrepreneur and investing in your own self is so vital. I strongly suggest reading and watching and listening to motivational content to discover the self esteem and expertise needed to flourish in any venture…not only flipping real estate. It can truly change your mentality and have an impact on your everyday life on a monumental level.Thank you for reading!

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